Calling in the Heavyweight: Wk 2 – Day Five

S worked from home today as it was forecast to snow heavily but technology was letting him down so he wasn’t in the best of moods. He was surprisingly understanding though when I called to him from the baby’s changing table, positioned by the upstairs window which looks out over the extension, and said “I think I understand now what the builder was saying about that waste….the roof joists have been put in line with it. Look”

I apologised for not having been able to deal with it but he hugged me and said it didn’t matter, he was home now, and he’d get it sorted.

The builders arrived and S took his usual friendly tack and by the time I had O dressed and joined them outside the decision had been taken to, guess what, move the waste. Only, by making the decision today the builder would have to redo work he did yesterday. Where or where was that assertiveness now, I wondered? Melted, it would seem, by S’s diplomacy and overiding authority. I seethed and celebrated simultaneously. They were arranging for our plumber to come over and do some bits and bobs which they would then pick up on. I was planning to go out with O so asked S “Do you need me to mark where this loo is going then?” I heard the builder mumble under his breath “Can’t the plumber use a tape measure?” and I went upstairs to finish my microwaved coffee.

S joined me and we looked at the plan of the bathroom, me with an increasing sense of nervousness that we were about to commit to a design which if I’m honest we hadn’t really had a chance to talk about. As is often the case, when two people look at it together, new solutions present themselves and so we saw how we might be able to make the waste issue less problematic by moving the sink to a slightly different position.

The snow was coming down and as I left, repositioning O’s hat as I did so which gets thrown off about every 5 seconds, the formean said “M, if the snow gets heavy we will shoot off so as not to get stuck”

“That sounds fair enough to me.” I said “Have a good weekend if I don’t see you before you go.”

A few hours later I got a text from S – the builders had left, it was safe to come home (no dirt and cold blowing through the house). I couldn’t blame them, it was icy cold and snow was driving into my face as I wheeled a cosy O, wrapped up snug as a bug in his blanket with his raincover protecting him from the snow like a reverse snow dome. I then got another welcome text. A kettle was on its way.

That night, while giving O his bottle, another version of the bathroom layout occurred to me. I emerged from his bedroom and said triumphantly “I have another idea for this bathroom which would mean we don’t have to move the waste at all! Ill draw it for you”

“Pet, we need to stick to our layout” he said “We can’t keep changing our minds.”

“But this might be better and would be cheaper. Let me show you.”

I know women, myself a prime example, get a lot of stick for changing our minds but I maintain that we have the right to so while a design is committed only to paper. It’s when it starts being transferred into 3D where changes of mind become costly so I deliberately challenge myself to think of lots of different ways of doing things before we get to that stage. In the case of the bathroom that stage is whizzing towards me far earlier than I am ready for. I quickly sketched it out and showed S. He likes it so we have agreed a plan…if our plumber says its feasible then thats what we’ll go with. And you are my witness.

We took a look at the oven/ring thingy.

“Chinese?” I suggested.



One thought on “Calling in the Heavyweight: Wk 2 – Day Five

  1. looks, like your getting somewhere, 2 weeks and the extention is up and roofed!. when u get settled in your temp-kitchen, your be moving out again!

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