A Smelly Start and a Wet End: Wk 3 – Day Four

I sat in bed this morning enjoying a coffee and sneaky biscuit … a rare moment of calm before O awoke and the builders arrived. I’ve started putting a few books in O’s cot so when he wakes he usually entertains himself for a while by looking at them or, as in the case this morning, posting them through the bars accompanied by “uh oh”. I had about five minutes and counting. I finished an article I was reading and went in to him, a favourite part of my day as I’m greeted by smiles, cuddles and kisses and the first of a stream of babble (excitingly with a few words emerging) which continues until he sleeps again at night. A trait I think he gets from his mother.

One of the first things I do is change his nappy and my nose told me it wouldn’t be a pleasant job this morning. Nappy off I reached for the wipes and…..empty packet. I looked under the changing table for supplies. None…
“Bugger” I thought to myself. O was oblivious to the disaster, legs in the air, fingers pointing around the room, babble continuing.
I wiped as much away with the nappy itself as I could and scooped him up under his arms, trying to keep the area in question away from my pyjamas and headed to the bathroom where we, law of sod, have boxes and boxes of wipes. I break open a box and grab a packet, child still dangling, and head back to his bedroom when there came a knock at the door. I peered over the banister…it looked suspiciously like the foreman – who has his own keys.
“Rats!” and covering O’s sticky bottom half in a towel, still clutching the packet of wipes I headed down to open the door.
“Sorry M, the steel is here early… Can you move your car?”
Sure enough the lorry was there, blocking the road, surrounded by a gaggle (is that the plural word?) of builders.
“I’m having a bit of a poo crisis” I laugh “give me a few minutes”
The foreman has four kids of his own so his nod and smile spoke volumes.

After dropping O at nursery I rushed home to make sure I was here when the salesman from the extension company made his visit. The issue of an extra cost for the steel needed to support the fireplace might come up, I thought, but regardless I wanted to tell him how pleased we were with the foreman and his team. The salesman is a young chap, very nice and accommodating and has always appeared to know what he is doing but his perfectly coiffed hair, pristine clothes and butter-wouldnt-melt appearance looked out of place next to the foreman and his team. I think he felt it as I saw him tap a wall and say authoritatively “yes….this has got to come out”. The meeting went well, chimney wasn’t mentioned, until I handed over this weeks cheque, signed with no amount in the box. “You’ll need to fill that in” he said politely. I think we’ll run out of money far quicker than planned if I keep that up.

The men beavered away all day heaving steels up into the ceiling and fitting the velux windows. After a hard day they then spend a fair bit of time tidying through as best they can, so I made them a quick coffee as they were packing up to send them on their way with their whistles watered. In exchange for a coffee I asked the foreman if he would give me some advice on the doors. That, along with the purchase of the blowtorch and a decent scraper meant I made some better headway today.

So all looked good as I bathed O and got him ready for his bed. I pulled out the plug of the bath and as I headed to the bedroom heard an ominous, waterfall like sound. I ran downstairs, O still bundled in his hooded towel and sure enough the bath was emptying straight through the ceiling onto the newly laid concrete. I ran back upstairs to put the plug back in and called the foreman to warn him in case it altered plans for the next day. He texted back apologising but reassuring me he would deal with it. S spotted the problem himself on his return home, a blockage in the pipe, and got it sorted. Disaster averted.

You may see some changes to the layout of the blog as I tinker with it a bit. I’ve just bought a book to help me use the software so bear with me as I try and get it looking a little more presentable!




2 thoughts on “A Smelly Start and a Wet End: Wk 3 – Day Four

  1. The roof and velux windows look fantastic. Very quick progress.
    How is the kitchen design coming along? From what I can see on your sketches, are you not tempted to run the kitchen down one full side rather than dividing it either side of the room, what were your thoughts behind the design?

    • Ah….interesting idea….
      The thinking really was to create zones… An operational zone of the kitchen/utility areas and then a relaxing zone at the back with the dining and lounging areas. If anything we keep trying to shorten the length Of the kitchen…or rather S does and I only tend to add to it! The plans might also be a bit misleading in that the larder mentioned is really only kitchen storage which is not used regularly….family bulk buys, kitchen equipment, the breadmaker, praps the wine rack etc etc… So the functional bit of the kitchen that will be in use every day is the L shaped bit and the island.

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