Escape to the North: Wk 6 – Day Five

I awoke this morning to find the glass half full once again…helped in no small part by the thought of a holiday. S, O and I were planning to head north about midday to spend the weekend being loved and entertained by O’s England residing set of grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins, with O and I scheduled to stay on for another week or so. But before we left we had a to-do list as long as our combined arms.

First I needed to pack and I did so in the only way I really know how which is to throw piles of clothing, none of which having any hope of matching, into piles. I then go around with the suitcase collecting up the various piles and invariably missing the essential ones containing, say, the toothbrushes, nappies or knickers.

Piles made and awaiting the suitcase being extracted from a top cupboard, we then had to make a flying visit to a bathroom showroom in which to buy a very specific 220cm deep sink for the Worlds Smallest WC.
“How long do you think it will take you to make a decision?” S asked
“Long” I replied, though added “dependant of course as to whether they sell cloakroom sinks. If they don’t, I’ll be seconds”
We live fairly near to a horrible ‘park’ of warehouse-type shops, most of which we have never even had cause to notice before. We had been alerted to a particular bathroom shop’s existence but not its geographical location so it took a few wrong turnings to find it. Once in and navigating our way through avenues of cisterns and baths we finally found a small selection of narrow sinks and I picked one out on a whim. The assistant looked bemused as I asked impulsively for one tap and then changed my mind almost immediately to another in the kind of hurried way a woman might grapple with a decision about whether she would take a size 8 or 10 dress into the fitting room before eventually deciding to take both. I was, too, very tempted to take the two but made a snap decision in one taps favour and we exited, job ticked off our list, after a record breaking 15 minute shopping experience.

It was a quick dash then to B&Q to look at exterior lights ready for the second fix which resulted in a rather desperate text to the electrician requesting him to source the lights and asking how much they would be. His silence makes me think it will be an extortionate amount…. shared with us only after the second fix is complete.

We then headed home to make O’s lunch and meanwhile S rang our worktop guy and sealed the deal before also paying the bifold door company….who are at present considered miracle workers by all onsite as they have achieved the unachievable and turned around these doors in a remarkable 3 weeks. S also had a trip into the loft on his list to select two of the five Ebay factory pendants ready for the electrician, plus a number of snagging conversations with the foreman (or rather the plasterer who appears to have self elected himself as second in command in the foreman’s absence). He will, undoubtably, have more conversations with both as he hears from the foreman on Monday that the electrician won’t touch our salvaged lights….

My list included a phone call to chase up the delivery of the paving, a begging phone call and then visit to a neighbour for milk ( for the builders tea), and …in preparation for my week of remote project managing…my scrap book and the lighting plans. Being a control freak I will need to furnish S with both a list for the foreman and a checklist for the lighting and electrics. I also hope to dream about colour schemes from the comfort of a fully decorated house.

On our way, finally, towards the sign marked NORTH, S shared his excitement with me about the progress, both warming my heart and panicking me as he did so.

“Did you see the way the snug…are we calling it that now?….is being plastered?” he asked. I nodded in the affirmative. Indeed I had, by a bloke on a very cool set of articulated legs with trainer-like feet boasting springs that adjust to his weight and movement as intuitively as his metatarsals.
“It looks amazing.” he continued. “I’ve always thought of that room as an add-on to what we are doing but now I can really see it as a purely adult room, perhaps with a fire….really cosy…”
I shook my head. I’d planned a playroom/snug …with a TV and sofa, library wall and toy cupboard.

I have pored over the plans for months and reassuringly not much of the finished build is surprising me…I’m simply seeing the vision being brought into 3D. The plans have, (I promise!) been discussed with S but he admits freely to not being able to visualise them on paper. It’s only now that he is getting a real sense of how his house may come to life.

I think those tips I received from the Chief Negotiator may yet come in handy. . .




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