Paint Technology: Wk 8 – Day Three

Now the messy, dusty bit is nearing an end (I’m ignoring the bathroom refurb as I write but that’s probably just as well if I want to maintain my sanity) S and I can now start thinking about the fun bits. Or rather I can. S is still dealing with builders tiffs, arguing about where the flue for the extractor fan is going and how the foreman’s plumber has scratched the new marmoleum floor. He is also having to bolster C the carpenter by the issuing of deadlines – specifically to lay a quarter of the flooring by Friday. “I think he’ll manage it” S assured me, “At least he seemed to take it without crying which was a good sign.” And issuing advice.
“I don’t know what he does” C muttered accusingly to S, referring to the young lad we have employed to help him lay the floor.
“Help you. . .” replied S patiently “.. . so you need to explain to him what to do. Queue work up for him so he always has something”
The light bulb flickered on and his face brightened. “Ah…ok”.

For me the fun bits are paint colours, furniture arrangement and accessories. For S its technology.
“You know what we should have done…” he asked, uttering the sentence I fear the most.
“We should have put the wiring in for speakers.”
My heart, having missed a beat, resumed pulsating. I can happily live with normal speakers as in most cases I know how to use them. That said, being unqualified in iTunes makes it slightly more difficult as rarely have I anything more than The Wheels on the Bus or Don’t Shake Hands with an Octopus on my iPod. It occurs to me, having spent the last two weeks Facetiming S and watching programmes my mother in law and I enjoy on catch up, that considering these rapid developments in mobile phones and TV viewing perhaps our longstanding method of extracting electricity via three holes in a wall is in itself a bit old fashioned. Someone needs to have a bit of a rethink and come up with a wireless plug socket. When they do I have a good use for one. . . under my dressing table as, with no socket in sight, drying my hair will have to take place about a metre away from the mirror. I’m wondering, though, if anyone will notice my difficulty as the bar, with reference to my hairstyle, is not set very high.

Meanwhile I have been researching eco paints. Before we had even moved in I had put together a bit of a palette for each room which surprisingly for me (as I can change my mind with every flick of Livingetc) is still holding true. What I did at that point though is pull together the palette using cuttings from the Farrow and Ball, Crown and Dulux paint charts and am now feeling that we, having struggled so hard to be green, should be making a bit more of an effort in an area where frankly it is fairly easy and opt instead for eco paint. You’ll notice, in the picture, that Ive included a few shades of green too but unfortunately I don’t think that offers us extra eco points. . .

After a quick Google search I discovered a company called Earthborn Paints. I’ve had to excuse the fact that it sounds a bit like everything I hate about trying to be green….the insinuation that we wear hessian, eat lentils and live in a teepee. Instead I’m quite excited by the fact it can apparently be composted which when you think about the palaver now needed to throw away unwanted paint is quite impressive. The other bonus (to me…perhaps not for others) is that their standard choice of colours has been curated and so I’m forced to make a more edited choice. If I find this to be impossible they do apparently offer a paint mixing service but there is something about stacks of paint charts that has historically had me reaching for the Dusted Moss 4…a faithful Dulux colour which is white to most but gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I have agonisingly selected something more sophisticated than Trade White. Through more advancements in technology I have ordered a number of samples for the whole house from the comfort of the sofa and I plan, this time around, to be a bit more brave.

Not quite brave enough to delegate the decision making to my cover, however, standing in for me whilst I’m on annual leave. S announced this weekend that he would be making an ‘executive decision” regarding the colour for the lounge as he “just wanted to get the room finished”. My knee jerk reaction was to stutter “You will not” before explaining that my exciting package of claypaint samples were on their way.
“But I need to try them out and see what I think. . . ” I checked myself… “We think”.
“What you will do.” said the Technology Director, “is paint bits of paper, move them around the room, go and buy something called Just Walnut and find out it is bloody blue.” He paused for breath “so to be honest I’m not sure the Creative Director is up to the job.”

He speaks the truth. Our bedroom curtains are now homeless as they don’t match the grey blue of the Just Walnut but as we both, luckily, quite like the blueness of these particular walnuts we are presently re-accessorising the room. I don’t fancy making the same mistake again . . though that will mean more moving of bits of paper and not less. As we contemplate whether O and I stay out of the way of the carpenter for a further week I can’t help but be swayed by the fear that S might open my box of colourful treasures and start getting carried away with the sample painting himself. Or alternatively I could direct him towards Dusted Moss….


My paint palette

The floor (finally having been moved from pillar to post) going down!


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