‘Where’s Wally’: Wk 12 -Day Five

You may have noticed, indeed it has been frequently commented upon, that the hulk of our fridge has appeared in photos on numerous occasions in varying positions …in much the same vein as ‘Where’s Wally’ though far easier to spot. Today, safely encased in its made-to-measure frame, the top boxes having been cut down by the kitchen company to fit exactly the height of our walls, it finally made its way home. C had spent the morning fitting the customised frame snugly into the space and, returning from a leisurely holiday lunch, we thanked him having diligently worked through the Good Friday holiday, on a job well done before I spectacularly rained on his parade.
“The boxes aren’t level” I announced, O hanging on my hip.
“We’ve just talked about that” C said, referring to a conversation he and S had been having whilst I was making the coffee.
“The problem is the floor isn’t level, and the line of the wall is wobbly”
C and I had commented on this a few days ago, marvelling that a brand spanking new wall could manage to look quite so pissed.
I stayed silent, a tip learned from the Chief Negotiator …to be used whenever expressing dissatisfaction.
“It is level” he went on, “its just the floor makes the fridge tilt a bit.”
I said nothing. C continued desperately.
“You’ll never notice it, you’d have to be standing right there to see it.” He indicated the spot upon which I was standing, a frustrated O writhing in my arms desperate to explore the obstacle-ridden space… a jigsaw blade peeping sneakily out from beneath a dust sheet within my peripheral vision convincing me I was right to keep a tight hold.
He continued, “Why would anyone stand there?”
Indeed there would be no reason to stand. But we would sit.
“The sofa will be there” I countered, gesturing behind me.
“It could be taken out and redone” C said wearily, “but then you’d notice the gap at the bottom.”
“Better that I think than at the top” I said. “What do you think darling?”
S was fiddling about with the new oven, having also just moved into its new home. He looked up.
“I don’t really understand what you are both talking about”
I wondered briefly about the conversation C had referred to while I was making the coffee but decided resignedly to retreat upstairs, my arms unable to contain a wriggling O for much longer. Safely in his highchair with lining paper taped to the table, coils of paint squeezed into a roller tray and potato printing in operation, S joined me.
“C is redoing the fridge housing” he said.
“Oh, good” I replied relieved and, potato printing having occupied O for all of ten minutes, we went to the park.
That evening S and I stood in our new kitchen, drinking in our new space. We decided on an off-centred position for the hob so a quick email needs to be fired off to the worktop place to see if we can amend that before they start to cast it. We arranged the tiles on the work surface to reassure ourselves we have made the right decision going for green…..we are both a little nervous. And we propped the doors up against the island to get a feel for the final look. It was exciting and the pair of us were, quite frankly, fairly unbelieving that it was soon to be ours.
“I’m aware that I’m almost resisting moving down into it” I said “it doesn’t seem real. For instance, I can’t imagine the first time we will use our oven….it almost feels like we shouldn’t be allowed to. Perhaps we should just look at it.”
“Well, you are welcome to keep using the old one” he said, referring to the oven/ring thingy.
“Er….no. Speaking of which, what shall we have for dinner?”
S offered to make a pasta.
“Keep us on budget” I said.
He sighed. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you use that word for a long time”
I hugged him.
“You’ll thank me.” I said. “In a few years time once you’ve got over the shock of spending.”
“I’ll never get over it” he said with a kiss and began to slice the garlic.


Fridge in position


The salvaged larder door knob

Trying the green for size
The larder interior….C having moved in


5 thoughts on “‘Where’s Wally’: Wk 12 -Day Five

  1. Delighted to see the fridge in a position where you don’t have to slide round it,love the tiles, once the walls are painted they will look fantastic, having red ones myself the colour will really stand out and you won’t regret it. The kitchen is really coming together now and if you think of how it was, I am so happy for you that you you will end up with something you can be proud of

    • I’m thinking the same now as I see how white the space looks as we finish painting the woodwork…it will need the green as a balance I think. Plus I love your red ones…

  2. It’s looking great! And is pretty much exactly the same layout (l-shape, island, skylights) that I want for our kitchen. Did you design it yourselves? I’m trying to decide on the ideal
    oven/hob/fridge/freezer combination at the moment, too much choice!

    • Hi there
      We had some help as we paid an architect for a consultation but, armed with a pic of Jamie Oliver’s kitchen we did the rest ourselves! I know what you mean about choice…I left the decisions regarding what white (or silver) goods to buy to S but then used other kitchens as inspiration for the layout. I’ve never had a hob in an island before and I’m looking forward to trying that out but equally we have friends with a sink in the island which seems to work well too….

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