Stripping in the Sunshine: Wk 13 – Day Two

What a difference the sun can make. Today anything seemed possible.

Calling the DIY shop, long awaited trade card in hand ready to purchase one final (we sincerely hope) tin of Earthborn paint, I was informed by Angie from Sales that my trade account, ineligible for free delivery, doesn’t give as much discount as the free delivery offered online ….an announcement that yesterday would have prompted a colourful curse as the paint could have been ordered by now and that kitchen ceiling painted. Today, inconvenience soothed by a sorely needed dose of Vitamin D, I was carefree.
“Not to worry” I almost sang.

A more severe issue raised its head, or rather cocked its leg, later.
“Er….I’ve got a bit of a problem” C said hesitantly. “You’ll remember I cut the leg off this unit….I was doing what I was told…. the kitchen company told me that legs were only needed at the end of each run. S wasn’t happy, but I was only doing what they said….”
“I remember” I said reassuringly “I heard them tell you.”
“Well….it turns out I cut it too short.”
The words fell into silence as he gestured towards the amputated leg. Having now started to put the doors on, C discovered to his dismay that they hang a fair few millimetres lower than the stumped leg.
I shrugged my relaxed shoulders.
“There’ll be a solution” I said sunnily. “We either have to live with it or we need to stick a bit on”
“S will be furious” C continued, his frown lines deepening.
“S won’t know” I promised. “If you can work out a way to stick a bit on we’ll never notice it. Now, would a coffee help the thinking process?”
He nodded smiling and by the time I had returned he was onboard with the decision to surgically elongate the leg with a piece of the offcut. The only issue remaining was where was the crucial offcut? I left him rummaging around for it like a bird pecking through sawdust whilst I worked my way through my own list…..confident as the sun was shining that all would be ok.

Having bad mouthed shopkeepers last week I have realised with mounting frustration that a knowledgeable shopkeeper is exactly what’s needed if I am ever to purchase this bathroom….K having asked again for more information about what we want – right down to the dimensions of the tiles – before he can price the job. An unsuccessful attempt was made to purchase the sanitaryware over the Easter weekend as a bored and uninterested assistant unassisted me with my various plumbing conundrums….needing a fixed shower head coming out of the wall as we don’t want a massive, circular rain shower dropping down on our heads and choosing a unit to house the WC and loo which doesn’t look like it will fall apart with one investigation by O. The process was aborted fairly swiftly as neither S, O or the shop assistant seemed particularly interested in bathroom sanitaryware. In the car returning home S explained why.
“I hate those units” he said.
“I do too” I replied “but K assured me they were the better option”
“Lets not do what K says.” S encouraged. “Lets do what we want.”
I nodded.

Design tweaked, I ventured today to a nearby discount bathroom store and, finding a friendly looking guy in a hat, took a deep breath.
“Please help me” I began.
“Of course” he said with a smile, “What do you need?”
I talked through our various requirements as he flicked through brochures, presented me with options and indicated displays. A concentrated fifteen minutes later I had a list of items in my hand complete with page numbers corresponding to brochures so I could show S ….and a fairly decent quotation. I said a heartfelt “Thank you” and, arms full, I left the shop.

I continued my way successfully down my list…’old school’ style green blackboard paint bought, magnetic paint bought, more eco stripper bought, bristle brush used for removing softened paint bought (last weeks suede brush having already given up the ghost), tiles for the hallway bought (hurrah!), tiles for the bathroom bought, cutlery trays and spice racks (no luck on eBay so I’ve plumped for cheap but robust metal ones from Hafale) for the kitchen bought, worktop people chased regarding delivery and amendments to the templating done, snagging list sent to the foreman done ………until I reached my last item…to continue stripping the plasterwork on the hallway ceiling, started over the weekend, and absolutely not done.

In fact I’m at a point in the process whereby the plasterwork looks a fair amount worse than it did before I started. Over the weekend I tried several attempts at the stripper using both my suede brush and a softer shoe brush and finally resorting to a blunt kitchen knife in an attempt to free the detail of the multiple layers of gloss paint. S appeared at the bottom of the ladder.
“I had thought that once we strip those back the detail would look amazing” he began, “but now I see that the detail isn’t really there in the first place.”
Crestfallen I looked. Resolutely I continued.

Last night I showed S my handiwork following a going-over with the more effective bristle brush.
“What do you think?” he asked me tentatively, “is it worth the work?”
“I think you might have been right” I agreed resignedly “I’m not sure we gain much, we just risk damaging the ceiling.”

So the conclusion, as the sun went down (ever to reappear again I wonder?) was that I should continue with the larger pieces but will probably turn a blind eye to the rest.
We politely ask you visitors to do the same…..





5 thoughts on “Stripping in the Sunshine: Wk 13 – Day Two

  1. I’m amazed, never noticed the ceiling before , worth doing and I promise not to look too closely.Not keen on the light fitting!!!

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