Coating the Coving: Wk 16 – Day Four

Today, after what felt like a long winded morning running errands I embarked again upon the decoration of the lounge. The walls, destined eventually to be experimentally Eico’d in green, need no more attention just yet so for the time being I concentrated on both ceiling and coving (I stand corrected by C….I’ve been calling it cornice). I must also admit to having guiltily put aside my green intentions and bypassed the eco paint temporarily in favour of a combo of Dulux and Crown….Dulux for the mist as we had a tub knocking about already (does that count? Reusing?) and the Crown bought especially for the remaining ceilings throughout the house as it was on offer. Both make claims they are low VOC but it feels a bit desperate….like Kellogs claiming Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are a wholesome breakfast choice because they’ve got a bit of corn mixed up in the sugar. Right now though, I simply can’t face having another ladder-topped struggle so I’m afraid I’m letting the side down in favour of an easy life….

That said you may be surprised to learn that we intend to give the Earthborn another try (on the walls….NOT the ceilings) in the hallway and landing. Having had beautifully hued samples pinned up all over the place I decided one night that continuity might be best and my ‘resolve to be bold’ weakened in favour of white. Imagining we would go for a Fired Earth flavour S persuaded me otherwise.
“I think we need to give Earthborn the benefit of the doubt” he had said and, having propped a tile up against an Earthborned wall in the extension and deducing that it looked rather nice, we figured we’d refrain from blaming the paint and instead shoulder it squarely where it most likely belongs. We may yet regret that decision….

Meanwhile in the lounge I have encountered another little problem. You may remember months ago I discovered that by placing the wallpaper steamer near the ceiling I could peel away the paint from the coving in long, slimy runs revealing what I believe I called ‘beautiful buff coloured plasterwork’? It transpires that the buff colour stems, somewhat unbeautifully, from years worth of nicotine staining and is stubbornly resilient to any attempt at coverage. Frustrated I flung my brush down and went in search of coffee, biscuits and a sympathetic ear.

“I bloody hate ceilings!” I cried to C over the top of blaring Lady Gaga.
“Huh. You should try this” he replied, crouched over the coral mural, meticulously cutting it to fit the awkward space in the Worlds Smallest WC.
My spirits lifted a little at the sight of it, thrilled at finally having it going up on the wall but, as we took our coffees into the garden, I was reminded again of the stumbling block causing me both a neck and headache in the lounge.
“I’ve tried some PVA on a section” I said “but to no avail…the staining still shows through”
“PVA won’t work” he repeated, “but you could try my stuff. I use a water based primer and undercoat…gloss for things like that are better but if you don’t want to use oil based paint then this would be the next best thing”

It turns out the ‘my stuff’ to which he referred was part of B&Q’s own ‘Colours’ range.
“It’s in a white pot” he added helpfully as I gathered up keys and purse and, making the calculation that if I got there and back in half an hour I could get a coat on before nursery pick up, made the well trodden journey to my regular hangout.

On my return the WC was full of happily swimming fish, P had left for the day having completed – slowly – tiling the bath wall and K …or “His Highness” as P has apparently taken to calling him, meant to have been here by 11am was still nowhere to be seen. In addition one of the upstairs reclaimed doors which has been taunting me for weeks in its unfinished and unsightly state was off and being sanded by C and the kitchen handles had been unpacked and lined up ready to be affixed tomorrow once I’ve marked up the doors as to their positioning.

Hastily I conducted a belt and brace job on the coving, using a sprayed stain block before applying a coat of C’s recommendation. This evening I applied coat number three to the entire ceiling. I wait now with bated breath…


Pic taken this afternoon after ceiling coat number two and coving coat number I forget….you can just see the yellowing?


Following tonight’s coat….


Mural laid out for cutting

Mural up! Bonkers and naff I know….but it feels a relief to have a bit of fun having taken this house so seriously thus far

Can’t wait to be rid of that blimmin butterfly curtain….


3 thoughts on “Coating the Coving: Wk 16 – Day Four

  1. I agree can’t wait for that terrible shower curtain to hit the skip!! Love the fish reminds me of going up the escalator in reception in The Burg Alarab

  2. Thought the butterflies went quite well upstairs to match fishes downstairs!!
    What did O do when he saw the fishy wall??

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