S Speaks Out: Wk 20 – Day Three

Today I stand down as S takes possession of the blogging pen…

Having, in M’s absence, taken on the mantle of chief executive, site manager, senior procurement officer and after the pink storm lamp episode of yesterday, style consultant…..and judging by the many, many “stats” updates she offers me that tell me of her readership…I know you will all be keen for news on progress at the Pebbledashed Pad. Therefore I have, with M’s no doubt tentative approval, also adopted the role of chief correspondent.

M has already given you a taster of Sunday’s prodigious efforts. To elaborate: determined to fit a full day’s painting in, I rose resolutely at 07:30 and, after a quick breakfast, some household chores, a site survey to assess the tasks in hand, the drafting of a shopping list for all the days jobs (implemented specifically to avoid a second trip to “B&Q’s”) some more household chores, finding the paint (in C’s workshop, under a tarp), finding the roller (plumbers workshop, under a discarded shower curtain), finding my telescopic painter’s pole (again, C’s workshop, under a haphazard pile of wood that serves no purpose in my mind other than to conceal telescopic painter’s poles) my first trip to “B&Qs”, the incident with the bucket, the resolution to nip next door at some point to apologise for the sudden and vocal exclamation of frustration that ensued, another trip to “B&Q’s”, some more household chores, masking and covering, mixing the paint….and finally I was ready and took brush in hand to cut in.

It was ten past three in the afternoon.

The task of painting the bathroom, with it’s awkwardly and obliquely placed, precariously mounted cast iron bath made for an experience that differed from a version of the final round in “It’s A Knockout” only by virtue of my attire being old trousers and t-shirt and not an oversized ape suit made from foam rubber. For the less aged of you, think Total Wipeout with paint.

Subconsciously terrified of any deviation from the rigid and absolute rule on the order and procedure for cutting in prior to applying the roller, discussed on a number of occasions by M (absolute) and I (absolutely perplexed), I started slowly, but once I hit my stride (and my shins) on the bath a few times I fared a little better.

The landing took up the remainder of the mist coat paint, and was thankfully less Krypton Factor assault course, aside from the cutting in (prior to roller application) at the point directly over the stairs, a vertiginous drop of about fifteen feet at it’s highest, with me balanced one foot on the ladders the other on the balustrade.

note from editor…..You did what on my beautifully sanded banister? ….

I am, I will admit, prone to isolated bouts of clumsiness, so this task was preceded by careful thought (“he was on his own in the house, he must have laid there for days before a horrified plumber stumbled over his body..”).

By 20:00, another round of It’s A Knockout and the first proper coat in the bathroom was complete. It was hard to tell from the light whether it was sufficient, or if another coat was required: Never paint in artificial light (and always cut in prior to roller application) is a good rule to follow if time allows, but it looked fine when morning came. Another coat is probably prudent over the shower, but the rest..?

My experience this far – the endless list of tasks, the calls from K, P and now G the carpet layer, the daily tidy up after the builders, the day to day stuff that for me this week doesn’t include looking after a turbo charged near two year old – well – I’m struck by both the volume of work M is handling and her capacity for dealing with it in such an admirable fashion. She may appear as Dorothy Parker to you all in this blog, but she is more Kate Adie on the homefront….and for this, her effort is very much appreciated and her break is well deserved.

I must sign off now, but may update tomorrow on further progress and news of the latest eBay success. Working title: “The ‘Swingers’ Bed”.

Mist coat in the hallway
Screed laid in the bathroom
Comment from S…..”Im trying to ignore the fact that screed is exactly the same colour as the marmoleum” implying that it could have been a hell of a lot cheaper…..


7 thoughts on “S Speaks Out: Wk 20 – Day Three

  1. Yes think M is more a Katie Adie! Have really enjoyed my time with M & O but sure you have missed them!

  2. Excellent first blog S, good fun hearing about renovation antics from your perspective. I look forward to the next …

  3. My first thought when reading about the ladder/balustrade balancing act was that I’d be furious if my other half had done that as I would have been so worried about him falling. M’s comment about potential damage to the carefully sanded and stained balustrade really made me laugh!

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