Pondering Possibilities: Wk 20 – Day Five

While O, his cousins, auntie and I have been occupying ourselves by throwing stones into the sea, trampolining at Peque Parque (think Wacky Warehouse without the Wetherspoons-style pub…replaced instead with a simple Spanish bar) and trying but spectacularly failing to make paper maiche money boxes…..S has been busily orchestrating the installation of the marmoleum floor back home. Though looking rather lovely in my opinion, there is disappointingly little chance of the bathroom being operational before we arrive home tomorrow afternoon….
“I’ve a good mind to install the bloody bath myself” an annoyed S said this afternoon, “The pipework is in, it just needs connecting. I can’t understand what takes them so long”
“It’s ok” I said, contrarily chilled from a week of sun, “It’ll take as long as it takes.”
After all, the goal to have both bathroom and lounge finished by the time we returned was, by anyones standards, ambitious. Added to that has been S’s substantial progress on the hall…so I for one will be thrilled no matter what stage we come back to as its a darn sight more progressed than the house we left last week. With another seven days however, we will have two more rooms back in play with the bones of the bathroom finished (I would hope….?) and the carpet due to go down in the lounge on Wednesday. I am free to continue in the hallway where S has left off on the Wednesday and Thursday and C will also be rejoining the fray. Having secured himself a full time job as a maintenance man beginning at the end of June he has loyally promised to finish any work we have for him before he starts. On Wednesday he will fit the remaining glass in the bedroom doors and do a few other bits and bobs and by then we may also be able to give him the go ahead to finish off the hallway floor which would be another job excitingly jobbed….

Meanwhile I am taking advantage of my inability to do any physical decoration work by doing a bit of the mental stuff. ….and by that I don’t mean going mental though many, including my husband, believe me to be headed that way following this weeks decision to bring home the hurricane lamp. However, in addition to visualising the spare room with the lamp holding court, my mind has been mulling, helped by some internet research, over our library wall which will go, we think, along one wall of the snug including around a wall mounted TV and up and over the door.

our original inspiration

A couple of options have presented themselves…..though its worth mentioning that we haven’t the money to put any of these ideas into action. I rationalised, however, that hours (yes…..hours) spent pondering are hours well spent…..as an idea can then be queued up ready for the time when our bank account isn’t haemorrhaging quite so prolifically. So here are some options gathered thus far. Do bear in mind that we are trying, in many instances unsuccessfully, to adopt a Reduce Reuse Recycle policy and with that in mind some of the below scoot higher up the rankings of preferability on that count. Meanwhile other, less green, ideas quite often trump on aesthetics. I wonder though, what you opinionated folk prefer?

1) Box shelving in the style of the cookery book wall in Nigellissima (is it telling that so much of my interiors inspiration comes from crappy TV shows?) constructed from Eco Board, an MDF alternative
Eco points – *****
Pound points – ££££ (labour substantial, no idea as yet on eco board cost but bound to be significantly more than MDF)

2) A Painted motley crew of eBay bought shelving…preferably the same height, inspired by a project featured on My Friends House. Aesthetically could look a bit of a mess and cutting out a section for the TV might be problematic…
Eco points – *****
Pound Points – ££

3) Crate shelving….?
Eco points – *****
Pound points – £££ (crates are not as cheap as you might think)

4) Kitchen Company commissioned to make oak veneered shelving in the style of option 1. (Aesthetically I think this is S’s favourite).
Eco points – 0
Pound points – Quote yet to be received but likely to be £££££

5) Wine box shelving mimicking a Scandi modular system discovered on Decor8. Good way to use up the sample pots of paint I’ve collected I imagine? And praps not as pricey as the crate version as some gaps can be left in the design as they have done here…..
Eco points – *****
Pound points – £££ maybe ££££ depending on the price of a job lot of boxes!


What do you think? Any other ideas?
Before I leave you to mull over those, here’s a nifty little customisation trick courtesy of my twelve year old nephew…the plastic size rings which go on shop hangers used as colourful and musical bike wheel decoration….clearly upcycling is running in the family!


And some pics of bathroom progress with marmoleum laid and pipework ready. Window yet to be stripped and sanded ….




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