Happy and Home: Week 21 – Day One

O and I arrived back, bearing both the sun and the hurricane lamp (thankfully whole though S did make a weak threat to un-whole it) on Saturday evening to be welcomed with beaming smiles by a husband and father who missed us. Having enjoyed a week submerged in the busy family life of my sister and brother in law who, with four beautiful and energetic kids, manage to live like kings on love, good food, kindness and creativity I worried that my return to our building site would plummet me again into a sour mood, overwhelmed by the work still to be done. As I sat next to my husband on Sunday morning with our wriggling, mischievous son between us, reading books, drinking coffee and eating slices of S’s banana bread to enraptured cries of “Cake!” from O, I knew for sure that those dark days were behind us. Whilst builders are still in residence and there is undeniably much still to be done we have, at last, a house which doesn’t immediately sap our energy on entering.

My optimistic outlook is due, primarily, to the substantial headway made by S and the bathroom team in our absence. Upon our return the pink bath was nowhere to be seen, whipped away with a speed we have rarely seen from K thus far to be, no doubt, exchanged for hard cash on the scrap market. The slimy butterflies had also, thankfully, flown and in their place is a luxurious walk in slate tiled shower, wall hung basin and loo with concealed cistern (good decision) within a metro tiled wall which has the vintage look, thanks in part to grout having unintentionally seeped into some of the crackles of the crackle glaze, which I was after. The marmoleum looks gorgeous though we are presently needing to avoid, and yesterday O’s ball did not, the hole within it which awaits coverage by the freestanding bath. There are a few more finishing touches yet to be put in place…the wall hung mirrored cabinets, some towel hooks, the loo roll holder, a hand towel ring, a cabinet or shelving unit next to the bath for extra storage, a shelf top sourced, we hope, from reclaimed wood and …unfortunately ….another substantial stripping job, this time of the window frame. You may remember I spoke in an earlier post about how I wanted to replace the horrid crinkly glass and scuffed aluminium window frame? A ludicrous quote in the four figures means we are stuck with it and instead must find an inventive way to deal with it. I figure that drawing attention away from the window itself by sanding back the thick wooden frame may do exactly that though I realise, in belated hindsight, that by mentioning it here I have just made my hard work futile….. I shall say no more about it and instead hope you will forget to seek out its ugliness when the finished photos are eventually shared…

The back having been broken on the hallway with S’s long evenings spent precariously painting means that with some ambitious enthusiasm and a dose of bloody mindedness I may be able to have the walls finished this week …..but with the sun shining we postponed thoughts of rollers and claypaint and instead headed for Whitstable in search of pebbly beaches, junk shops…
Me… “Oooo, I can have a mooch!”
S…. “Mooching is the gateway to buying. No you cant….”
…and a fish and chip lunch. We found better – friends who live there making their way home from town as we strolled in …who hospitably offered to share their food, wine, garden and company with us. No vintinquing, much to S’s relief, was conducted.

Today, however, we resumed our prolific spending and paid yet another….this is becoming a habit I long to break…. visit to Bluewater with the intention of buying a mattress for our Swingers Bed…named so as the texts to the eBay seller to arrange S’s collection of it could easily have been misconstrued as me hiring out my husband by the hour. After a rather fun half hour of S and I lying and in O’s case, bouncing, on the beds as we tried them for size we chose one and delivery of it is excitingly due next Saturday. Scarily this also means having the spare room emptied to make room for our present bed which will play undue havoc, I’m sure, with my hallway painting timetable. It will, however, be music to the ears of family who have been anxious, throughout this process, to visit and assess progress in the flesh. A few more weeks folks and we could be ‘open for business’ ….even if we aren’t quite yet up to Hilton standards.

The rest of the weekend was spent attempting to connect up the green factory lamps which, I base this assumption on the sheer amount of cursing being conducted, appear not to want to go up as readily as hoped, taming a small patch of the overgrown garden to make a small temporary vegetable bed in which to plant some home-nurtured tomato and salad seedlings gifted by a friend and beginning the process of setting up the Pebbledashed Pad Ebay Shop as I gathered and photographed tiles, lamps, wallpaper, sinks and cushions surplus to our requirements.
Virtual doors opening soon……


The salvaged hearth tiles

Notice the customary templates! All looking a bit cluttered as we try and use it before its finished but gives an idea

The slate shower
Now….are these Forget-Me-Nots? The garden is aflourish with them…..and forget we won’t.


4 thoughts on “Happy and Home: Week 21 – Day One

  1. Yep. They are forget-me-nots m’dear. They spread everywhere, but are very pretty whilst they are flowering. Once finished, just pull them out and they will reappear next year, as if by magic!

  2. Forget-me-nots I do believe are really a weed! but a lovely one and yes they will keep reappearing but just as beautiful!! Bathroom looks great! Cant wait to try out the new bed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ummm… New bed will be in our room but as you know I rent S out by the hour… Prices on application. Old bed in spare room….!

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