Blame it on the Sunshine: Wk 27 – Day Five

For one reason or another but namely work, illlness (S has been feeling under the weather), the reinstatement of Fun Friday (errands and chores having recently muscled their way into O and I’s Friday itinerary to detrimental….to fun that is….effect) and the improvement of aforementioned weather as, lets face it, its criminal to be sanding a window frame on one of the five days of the British Summer… there has been no progress to speak of since my last post. But thats not to say that mentally we’ve not come on leaps and bounds…

For example, inspiration for the decoration of our trickily dark snug has been abundantly gathered from a number of varying sources. The first being from a fellow blogger…Simply the Nest…who helpfully suggested looking for a beautiful wallpaper in a dark base colour with a lighter pattern….which got me thinking…..Could I perhaps style the room in such a way that on looking into it from the kitchen it would appear a fun but grown-up room but once inside, looking back outwards towards the garden, it would feel more playful? Ironically, having been following her nest-building too, I had been recalling the way she had rather cleverly decorated her little girl’s nursery with a hand painted mural and had wondered whether a similar idea …be it DIY or ‘DI Someone Else’ (as lacking her skill I’d call upon the design flair of my cousin Z)…would, in the distraction of the eye from the solitary rectangle, address the imprisoning connotations of the cell-like window. Could we also, perhaps, balance the aesthetic needs of both adult and child with the procurement of a gallery style display of retro childrens film posters?

Let me know what you think to the following – images included to illustrate. (S has been given 14 days to offer his views else, I’ve decided, I can proceed by default….small hiccup being should this action be challenged and subsequently escalated to the small decorators court, the lack of any advance terms and conditions setting out my intentions upon a non-response might be my undoing…)

To remind you….The cell window wall..
I’m thinking paint it in a bright colour with either a mural (see here for inspiration ) or wall stickers or even this shelf idea stolen from Kirsty’s Vintage Home to liven it up…

Then the wall in view when looking from the kitchen…(note Henry’s reappearance ..)
painted a neutral colour and decorated with a collection of these lovely posters:


The library wall will be of course on the left, fireplace on the right with a sofa bed (which I’d forgotten to list on our wishlist last week…) and perhaps a chair or two placed somewhere within comfortable angling of the TV. Boxes, maybe blackboard-painted and either on castors or inside small cupboards, could reside on the very bottom shelf of the library wall for small toys such as Lego, cars and trains etc and the built-in cupboard:
which we will be painstakingly refurbishing over the next few weeks (C interior and I exterior) used for other toys. In addition the alcove may also house an idea I formulated today on seeing some branches decorated with child’s artwork….a Treasure Tree (read twig) sitting atop the cupboard festooned with the finds of a little boy…stones, bottle tops, foil….the kinds of things you find yourself protecting in cupped hand for the duration of a long walk….treasure always being found at the beginning (rather than more convenient end) and deposited for safe keeping with a gullible adult. I shall digress just long enough to add that I live in fear of this….a friend discovered that her little boy had been collecting spiders in a box by his bed and feeding them grass….

Spare Bedroom
Flamingos are slowly losing favour (see Flamingos to the Rescue? Wk 24 – Day Five) in favour of brick slips (tiles made from slithers of brick) to hide the pocks and stains of the unplastered two walls. An uninspirational hunt around the John Lewis wallpaper department did little to persuade me against this favoured option and instead Im also gearing up to encourage S to adorn our headboard wall in our own bedroom with them……
(Though this wallpaper also appeals….price less so…)


A visit today to Stratford’s Discover Centre ( highly recommended) offered up numerous (albeit fairly ambitious) ideas for the garden.
The first – a child’s corner to include, alongside the obligatory trampoline, a car made from an ordinary garden bench in front of which could stand a stake to which is attached an old salvaged wheel ….(far fancier version below…)


2) A Sound of Music style (You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen….) set of benches circling the lawn (cough) football pitch

3) A tunnel of greenery…..though have probably at this point lost all perspective and begun to imagine we live in a country estate rather than a South London terrace.

But it doesn’t hurt to dream. Speaking of which….happy anniversary to mine….
“Twenty years today…..” S said as he called to wish me the same.
(Please note its been four. But I have that kind of effect on people….)


5 thoughts on “Blame it on the Sunshine: Wk 27 – Day Five

  1. Happy aniversary!!
    Yeah benches each side of lawn could come in handy,… for goal posts!!!!
    Sung will look great i’m sure.

  2. Ooh thanks for the link love! I like the idea of decorating the room with an grown-up focus on one side, and kid stuff on the other. The fairy tale posters are lovely. And I could definitely do with a treasure tree for my pebble/flower/twig/shell/random plastic item-collecting foraging daughter!

    • You are very welcome…you provide much inspiration! I’ll let you know how it goes, can’t see us getting anywhere close to decorating it while C is still visiting….and boy can he drag out a job….

  3. I also like the idea of ‘grown up’ one side and ‘kids’ the other. Loved the ‘simplythenest’ bedroom, ideal look for the kiddies side. Did like the ‘tree trunk’ wall sticker too! Maybe with a few birds?

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