The Holiday: Wk 33 – Day who’s counting?

This week we are:
Rapidly running out of sun cream..a heat wave is about to strike we are told

Wondering why Walkers don’t bin the rank smelling cheese and onion (to be banned, in my opinion, on all forms of public transport) and try oregano or paprika instead…..delicious

Marvelling at a bloke walking confidently into the bakers this morning wearing vest, sandals glasses, cigarette…and underpants. It looked almost normal….

Watching our baby boy grow up almost overnight….alerting us to the fact he had woken from his midday nap he called out “Mummy! Daddy! Where are you? I SHOUTING!”

Forgetting the tune to incey wincey spider…

….Listening to renditions of Baa Baa Drack Speep sung beautifully by O but only, it would seem, in the car and definitely NOT if prompted

Enjoying Mythos…why does beer taste so good abroad?

Discovering at the last minute that we had made a schoolboy error scuppering our plans for a BBQ……no matches

Eating our body weight in feta cheese…body weight becoming, therefore, the issue

Marvelling at the fact you can buy fresh doughnuts on the beach….to the detriment of the above mentioned body weight ….

Pebbledashing our feet…infinitely more attractive than doing the same to a house…



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