Taking Shape: Wk 39 – Day Five

Despite the fact it’s been a long week of work events and late nights home….with a bit of unintentional face painting thrown in with O deciding a better use for his autumnal coloured paint, intended for a seasonal creative task of leaf printing, was as a raging red moisturiser….an act which resulted in both he and his little friend being plonked swiftly into the bath which considerably heightened their excitement of the situation to the extent that it caused a simultaneous double-weeing into the ‘cleansing’ water. But despite all this …a little bit of Pebbledashed pad progress has been squeezed in.

But it didn’t look like it would turn out that way last week…

You may remember that the loyal C moved from freelancing…if indeed that’s how builders refer to themselves which I’m pretty sure it isn’t….into a full time post as a maintenance man for a lettings company back in the summer and in doing so has technically become unavailable to continue with work here. Kindly he has shoehorned the odd Saturday in to help finish off some of the work started but after a quick mental-scan through the remaining tasks standing in the way of us and completion I figured one further day of his time would be useful….if indeed he was wiling to offer it. A call was placed just after our respective holidays back in September to ascertain the lay of the land.
“How was your holiday?” I asked
There was an audible sigh.
“I’ve recovered”.
“How do you mean?” I asked.
“Well…we had hired a 70 foot boat and it soon became apparent that no one but me was strong enough to steer it …..so I had to do it alone.”
“Who was with you?” I enquired.
“My aunt, my wife, my toddler and my eldest daughter” he replied.
I nodded understanding.
“Oh goodness. Not much of a holiday then.” I empathised.
“No not really. I was up the front steering it as they all relaxed. I mean. I had the radio…and occasionally they would bring me a cup of tea so it wasn’t all bad.”
“You must be exhausted….”
“Oh I’m ok. I’ve had a week at work to relax so now I feel much better…..”
There was a beat.
“So,” I began “I know you’d be squeezing us in but could you possibly manage one more day? I realise you must be sick of us…”
I heard his intake of breath.
“It’s not that.” He began ominously. “It’s not that at all. I’m selling my house so over the next couple of weeks I’ve got some work to do on it to get it ready for sale….”
He embellished by explaining exactly what needed to be done and how he might do it before adding “so I could get to you in a couple of weeks …but not before…”
“That suits us,” I’d agreed “I completely understand and I’m very grateful. Talk soon.”

Slightly more than a couple of weeks passed and we received a text.
“Sorry I can’t come this week. I’ve got a bit of a cold….”
“Not to worry” I texted back. “See you maybe next week.”

Last Friday a routine checking of my phone discovered a voicemail. The house, he said, wasn’t selling due to a window being needed which he must install straight away. It went on in an apologetic vein promising a visit in the next couple of weeks…
I quickly made an overdue decision. I texted back.
“Get your house ready…don’t worry about us.”

Logging onto Rated People….a fantastic site on which you can post a job and receive quotes from interested parties….I compiled a little package of tasks.
Within hours a reply was received.
The tradesman was booked.
The job has been done….the bedroom walls are now plastered, the doors planed to accommodate new floor levels raised by our hallway floor tiles and the understairs cupboard door resized ready to be hung. Simple as that.

But progress this week wasn’t only down to paid help.

S hung a light in the hallway (which soon I will irritatingly ask to be swapped with another but I’m biding my time ….so don’t tell him) as well as the yellow framed robot pictures in O’s room. And having waxed lyrical to my poor cousin Z about the hardest part of any job being the starting of it, I decided on Monday eve with S held up at work that whilst it’s oh-so-easy to give advice perhaps I should try taking it. So gathering together painting equipment I decided I’d tackle the mist-coating of the snug. If I start it, I decided, the finishing of it will swiftly follow. Not so. The messy operation, conducted with no paint tray and a bucket used instead (I find it hard to believe we have none but that was the apparent situation) revealed a significant patch of damp, about chest height, coming through from next door. Added to that was a section of blown plaster much higher up. The Rated People people (a lovely husband and wife team) chopped the blown patch out and promptly repaired it followed by a mind-resting verdict that it was caused by the incompetence of the previous plasterer….not enough PVA….as opposed to any further damp. But the patch below is most definitely an issue which puts on hold the ‘Marraming’ of the room in that beautiful dusty aqua. A call to a damp proof specialist has been added to the list…

In addition to physical progress, progress of a more serenely contemplative nature has been taking place. Templates of pictures, mirrors and ceramics have been made and masked around the lounge..awaiting a gap in S’s weekend large enough to conduct the lengthly but precise operation of laser-level picture hanging. A mood board for our bedroom has also been created….despite a conversation with S in Greece which went something along the lines of…
Me: “Shall I tell you about my thinking for our bedroom?”
Him: “Our bedroom? I thought it was finished….”
Me: “Er….no it’s not. Its a white box…” pregnant pause “Look at that lovely view…..”

To push forward what has remained until now just ‘thinking’, a few H&M Home purchases were bought inspired by a tip off by my latest blog obsession Mad About the House (which also resulted in the delighted purchase of a very unnecessary Baa Baa Drack Speep book caddy for the as-yet-unfinished snug). My bedroom purchases…..tactile cushions for the bed, a pet hate of S’s who sees no sense in cushions which are never actually used for any sort of functional cushioning…. will however remain in their carrier until a few other things are in place….namely a new dressing table (some unsuccessful Ebay bidding this week being the cause of some delay in that area.) And the wicker light shade(s)…..I was inspired to buy another….are taking shape. To be shared very soon….

That, in the history of the Pebbledashed Pad, is I think a good week.

20131005-203738.jpgThe robot/rocket pictures are finally hung
The bedroom is plastered….still thinking on a suitable use for that old stool, a bedside table praps?
The damp patch….any ideas on cause peeps? Damp proof course too low?
Snug is mist coated….not a glamourous look just yet I’ll readily admit
Pictures might be hung something like this…..straight of course. With a few tweaks….
The bedroom moodboard. Crumpled linen grey sheets, a bit of glamorous sparkle……


14 thoughts on “Taking Shape: Wk 39 – Day Five

  1. Damp patch – Unusual to have a damp patch high up on an adjoining wall. I assume the floor levels are the same for both houses. I would guess that it is nothing to do with the damp course. Possible next door have plumbing on that wall and there is a small leak ? Or do you have plumbing in that wall ? Condensation ? Is it a badly ventilated room ? Have a word with next door and find out if they have the same problem.

    • The floor levels aren’t the same….as we are on a hill their house is much higher than ours…does that make a difference do you think? Paint has bubbled much lower down at floor level too. Other cause might be guttering? That wall backs directly onto next door but the right hand corner is the start of their external wall ( but no longer ours due to the new extension…..)

  2. Well i’d go see what they have the other side. Maybe they’ll tell you they had a problem/leak thats caused it. If its under ground, at that level next dolor maybe you’ll have to put up another wall and leave a ventilation gap. Now that its not finished, would be better han haveing to do it next year when the paints all coming off.

  3. As you know have had a lot of problems with paint and plaster coming off my walls so it might be the right thing to do and put another wall! I used battens, then covered the wall with large sheets of plastic, then plasterboard. So far it has worked here, maybe the way to go if you cant find the cause?

  4. I also wondered about a leaking pipe in the wall, either on your side or next door. We had a random damp patch appear and it turned out to be a leaking pipe from the cold water tank in the attic. Lovely to see the rest of the decor moving forward – is S still planning some kind of surprise brass installation in the living room or did I imagine reading that?!

    • Hi there
      You most definitely didn’t imagine it….but I won’t let him start it til I get those blimmin curtain poles up. We are still on show to the neighbours……!

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