Getting Ready for Christmas: Wk 48 – Day Five

With Christmas fast approaching….and it will be a quiet one for us as we hunker down just the three of us in the home we’ve been creating this year…thoughts are turning to a) what do we hurry to get finished before the big day and b) how do we decorate in preparation for it?

In terms of getting finished as always my ambitions are…well…ambitious. But only because my Festive Resolution (why wait for New Year?) is to designate the Christmas period as a DIY free zone. The week before last we escaped for a weekend to a beautifully converted barn in East Sussex and whilst there I thought a little about why holidays are so very relaxing despite our homes often being just as lovely. Saturdays can be spent, I deduced in a very un-Einstein-like way, at a slow pace with only coffee, papers, games and books as priorities. Here at home Saturdays have a very different feel as one or the other of us leaps up every five minutes to organise something, move something, find something (still…..the house we have designed with so much storage still doesn’t seem to yet have enough….) clean something or write something. Most usually a list.

Speaking of which there is one. Reading it through I realise we might be in danger of whacking ourselves out before Christmas actually begins as on it is the completion of the snug, the hanging of all pictures and lights currently cluttering up our floors and ambitiously getting the kitchen cosy corner cosied (inspired, I might add, by a version much used by us last weekend in the above mentioned Holiday House) and, with a gorgeous wreath having arrived as a gift from our family in USA, a wish to paint our door to show it at its best.

The reality, however, is that its all going rather slowly…..

With O and I away last week S took the opportunity to oil the floor in the snug getting us most of the way to our target of getting walls and floors finished ready for our Christmas tree (negotiations about shelving ongoing….)
“Here’s a picture of the floor” he emailed through. “If you look closely you’ll see the lid of the tin plus the bottle of brush cleaner ….now both inaccessible.”

We may need to revise that list….
Advent Calendar ideas from The Crafty Crow
Christmas artwork from Leon Par Sur Le Murs ideal for O’s current Impressionist style of painting

Idea for our blackboard door from Abigail Ahern

Or this one from Design Milk

A forest of these on a mantlepiece? Pine Cone Christmas trees from Crafty Crow

The snug floor complete with inaccessible items


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas: Wk 48 – Day Five

  1. Really enjoying the journey with you. Have you considered taking a wall (Kitchen is good) and spraying it with Blackboard paint? We did this and the kitchen came alive with doodles, jokes and messages.

    • Hi Coral. Lovely to hear from you. We have a door painted in green blackboard paint and another set of doors will hopefully become a magnetic board once my husbands trick of embedding magnets within the MDF is done….but you are right. It’s very handy! We use it as a calendar wall…

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