Time Flies

I don’t know about you but for me 2014 seems to be hurtling resolutely towards 2015 in a manner with which I’m not entirely comfortable. I’m still asking “Did you have a good Christmas?” to friends I haven’t yet seen this side of the festivities only to be greeted with furrowed brows and murmurs about how it feels so long ago they can barely remember. We are, after all, only a week away from month two of the new year (does it still warrant capitals?) and so in a way it feels fitting that my focus this week has been drawn to the very instruments that remind us of the passing of time. Clocks.

I’m a lady who is increasingly becoming known as one who is late. In fact we are a family well known for being late…yet being so brings on an anxiety-driven stress of the largest proportions. It doesn’t even help that we have a (kind of) excuse in O…hurrying up an opinionated toddler contrarily does the very opposite but more often than not the friends we use our ‘excuse’ on have far more children than we. A solution is needed and my thinking is that in the positioning of a few more clocks about the place we might find one.

The bedroom would be a good start. My alarm clock comes in human form ….a sleepy request of “wake me when you leave” put to S at 5.40am as he wakes to begin the ritualistic combo of shower and coffee needed to fuel his early cross-London commute. If, for any reason, he doesn’t wake at 5.40am as expected…or more likely….if I don’t open half an eye when he does I’m thrown. So a clock in the bedroom might be an idea. An alarm clock of my own admittedly would be the best option here but who said anything about being practical? How about a lovely big feature of some kind on the wall above my dressing table to sit amongst what is at present looking like a fairly odd composition of empty frames as they await both filling and punctuation by a number of revamped hooks to hold my collection of necklaces. There is also space for a something above it all to bring it all together.
“A something?” S had asked when I presented the composition to him.
“Maybe a hat….” I’d mused.
“A hat?”
“Yeah…maybe….like. Hmm. ” My hair is the type that never comes out of an encounter with headgear of any sort with anything resembling dignity. Probably, then, not a hat…..


But a clock. That could work. Flipping open the iPad I found this…
Then I saw the price tag.
I figured I’d think again.
Searching for unusual wall clocks I stumbled, digitally speaking, over an article which promised enticingly a round up of ‘35 Clocks That Look Amazingly Not Like Clocks‘. The accompanying caveat that they might not all be much good at telling the time didn’t fill me with much hope. Call me traditional but I rather like a clock that does what its meant to do. This for example, whilst raising a smile would only make me later as I figured out just how, er, late I already was.


This would probably do similar….


This one would appeal, I think, to the combination of engineer and science lover that is S…
However the notification that its price is on application most certainly wouldn’t…..
Again this might appeal to the men about the house…

But perhaps doesn’t have the feminine touch needed to slot in above a dressing table.
The search then for that particular instrument continues….

I’m more decisive when it comes to the requirements of the hallway. A large station style clock as an in-my-face reminder of the hour as I descend the stairs is most definitely part of my plan. I figured too that positioning it above a vintage mirror we have waiting to be hung might also draw attention to the lovely height we have in the hallway. Look no further than Ikea (though I am trawling Ebay first…)

Browsing around the virtual aisles of Not On The The High Street resulted in the immediate purchase of this for O’s room….

and feeling inspired I even began considering a clock for the bathroom…… Something like this perhaps?


But I’d better leave it there. All this deliberating is making me late…..


3 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. When looking at bedroom clocks first consider does it tick loudly? So when I’m having a ‘hard to get to sleep’ night will the constant tick tick from my clock send me off or just keep me awake!! For me personally I cannot sleep with a ticking clock so alarm on my mobile is beautifully silent!!!! but not so great to look at!!!!

  2. Why don’t you make your own? Something like the bird one. You’d only need to get the middle piece.Maybe Caroline has a spare one!!?

  3. Glad Im not the only one whos always late.
    I got one clock in the house. And its been a year with no batery. I only put one in last week. Must admit i havent since looked at it !!
    The mobil. Thats the clock, alarm clock I use. I got alarms going off all the time!!!

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