Mini Makeover: Crate Garden Coffee Tables

With sun shining once more the black paint has been swatched and much pondering is now taking place as lengths of lining paper are moved around the garden. Railings has a bluish hue at times and a greenish hue at others which I’m quite liking….I think…..but I may stop by F&B later this week to try a couple of others tester pots just to make sure.

Meanwhile I’m conscious that my planting scheme may need a rethink. Recently talking through my ‘jungle’ moodboard with a friend I stated matter-of-a-factly that there would be “absolutely no yellow.” Now, as I contemplate dark garden walls, I’m thinking that declaration may need to be revised. Juicy hues of orange and lemon might be exactly what the garden needs to enable the flowers and foliage to sing against the darkness …..

Which has got me thinking about how I might also introduce a pop or two of colour into the planned relaxing seating area which I’m imagining might be situated in the left hand corner of our terrace.

For weeks now I’ve been trawling Ebay for a pair of second hand garden benches which I thought would provide suitable recline-style seating for those moments which call for coffee and a book or better still, wine and a mag. But the choice on offer has been limited. I’ve found plenty of wrought iron-ended park-style benches whose wooden slats need immediate hospitalisation but frankly I’ve quite enough on my to-sand list to keep me going from now til Christmas. A chunky old teak bench, described as the sellers grandpa’s (why then, I wonder, was he selling?) was tempting but a quick quote from Shiply informed me that I could promptly add £100 to the purchase price for transportation making it a hugely expensive option. So I’ve changed tack and will instead take advantage of B&Q’s free delivery to purchase a loungey black bench and armchair set which should see us through this summer and next. So now I’m thinking, with black against black, the area may call for a splash of colour. The cheap and cheerful Ikea PS Vago lounge garden chair and perhaps a bright Habitat Tam Tam stool (on sale) might serve the purpose? With perhaps a couple of brightly coloured mini O sized chairs to include in the nook to make it an area suitable for the whole family plus friends.

But no relaxing area is complete without a coffee table so this week O and I got out the paintbrushes and a huge tarp and started coating two old Ebay crates with the Cuprinol Murky Clay tester pot I had to hand. Although looking reasonable in the photos the wood was dirty and knackered and my theory was that the paint would smooth them out a bit and the neutral clay colour would stand out nicely against the black of the walls. Whilst vigilance throughout was key…checking continuously that O wasn’t painting himself (which is how the majority of our art activities conclude) or any other furniture he fancied …..the task was an ideal one to tackle in partnership as little care was needed on the actual item itself….slapping-on appeared to do just fine. Two coats later and we now have a little coffee table as the centrepiece of our relaxing nook …which will be fully operational I hope, this weekend…..



6 thoughts on “Mini Makeover: Crate Garden Coffee Tables

  1. We have that B&Q set and it is fab. So comfy and really well made for what it cost. Love it! Also love the idea of you painting garden wals and fence black. Go for it!

  2. Think the B&Q furniture looks cool and love the idea of black fencing! Go for it, if you hate it too much I’ll help re-paint next time I’m over!!! Lots of colour in the garden, foliage and flowers it will look fantastic!

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