Mini Makeover: Dry Eraser Board

This week there’s been a bit of a mix of garden and office refurbing going on….

The garden has finally been painted (I love it. S remains non-committal) and patio furniture assembled but my delay in sharing is only to give me time to stain the fence (paint has been forbidden on anything but masonry), possibly paint the shed (I’m thinking my tin of Cuprinol Muted Clay might do….see below for The New Rule) and perhaps get some plants in. Meanwhile I’ve been busy making over frames to house artwork by O with which to adorn the office walls. However in my true indecisive style I think they may actually be redirected to the snug…..

What will stay in the office however is my new eraser-board. I’ve been tempted to simply buy a whiteboard from some online office supplier but S ingeniously suggested purchasing a piece of pre-drilled glass and painting the back. I was onboard initially but deviated for two reasons….the first being that I would have to once again engage with glass-cutters, a conversational transaction I haven’t particularly enjoyed in the past. The second being that going down that route would have had me falling foul of the ‘no budget’ rule for the office. Admittedly its my rule and therefore one I can break fairly guiltlessly but very recently it’s been seized and rolled out by the Finance Director to now include the whole house….(so it’s Resourceful Makeovers from here on in I think, a challenge I’m warming up to as long as I can get a plant purchasing spree in before the clamp down is fully enforced…)

So in the spirit of cheap, rather than purchase new I thought instead I’d raid my abundant frame collection. The move may however be foolish as S is midway through hanging the downstairs gallery wall (which will continue on upstairs as soon as I’ve acquired enough frames…. which with the recent budgetary enforcement won’t be anytime soon) and I’m fairly sure I just nicked a frame earmarked for the downstairs space. Having said that, my careful templating has turned out to be a fairly wasteful exercise as we have already hit ‘wing it’ so I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find a replacement. But more of that another day. Back to the eraser-board.

I found a fairly generously sized frame and removed the old mounting card and image. I then cut a piece of lining paper to fit (using the mounting card as a template) and painted it in the same shade as the wall. Once dry I inserted the painted lining paper into the frame, reversed the photo and mount and placed it behind (I’ve no idea if they were valuable so didn’t want to damage/discard) and then fixed the backboard. I’ve used a chalk pen here but I imagine a back dry-eraser pen might be more functional.

Now all I need is a ‘to do’ list.
And boy do I have one of those….

The original frame
My new dry-eraser board

20140726-232232-84152759.jpgHooked on an old gas pipe protruding from the wall but soon to be hung ‘proper’


3 thoughts on “Mini Makeover: Dry Eraser Board

  1. Board looks good, picture is not valuable as far as I know, it was hanging in the house in Alaska and was one of five, the poor bear was killed by the wolves in the last one, it was mistakenly packed by the packers when we left and sent to the UK, glad it’s been of some use xx

    • Ah!!! I tried to google the artist but didn’t find him, at least I don’t think it was him, it was an author of the same name. But it’s there behind just in case!!! Thank you xxx

  2. Saw something in a photo shop here. Just an odd frame. You get 2 colours of string, that match frame or decoration. And tie it inside the frame from one side to another. Cris crosing. Etc. And then you can pop photos between the strings.

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