Garden Progress: Down Pipe versus Railings

“Mammy’s been painting again….” S said to O clocking the bodily paint splodges as I peeled off my clothes for a bath whilst they completed O’s bedtime rituals.
“What were you painting this time?”
“Haven’t you noticed?” I asked, aghast.
“Noticed what?”
“The shed? I painted the shed”
“Oh.” He turned back to O, toothbrush in hand. “I haven’t really looked”

Earlier the boys had detoured from the task of showering to watch me watering the garden from the bedroom window. O, in all his naked glory, had been held up by S so that he could all the better tap at the window whilst hollering “Mummy! I Nuddy Ned!” So in S’s defence the view to the garden and the newly painted edifice within it was probably being hindered by a pair of walnut-like cheeks.
It’s a pretty big shed.

Then again if the shed is invisible I’m pleased. It’s certainly how I’d like it to become…with creepers growing up it and a bit of that jungly thing going on in front. But once again, as I replaced paintbrush in the paint tin, I doubted my colour choice. Far from invisible it feels to me more like the proverbial sore thumb.

You see, it isn’t black. And I truly believe it would be less noticeable if it was. But then in truth nor, actually, are the walls. Much pondering was done over the Abigail Ahern recommended Railings but in our garden the colour seemed to look less black and more navy. Feeling a little unsure I then tried Tanners Brown (looked aubergine. Do we have a purple sun here?) so was about to revert back to Railings when I made a last minute decision to give Down Pipe a go. It’s the colour we have used on our hall and landing architraves as well as on the inside of our front door (outside to be done one day) so I had a tin in the now famous understairs cupboard. Promptly a length of lining paper was coated, wrapped around a wall and I was on the phone.
“A tin of Down Pipe please.”

The ugly breeze block wall at the very back of the garden is all that’s now left to be painted. It’s an awkward job requiring patience to fill in all the pocks and Teflon coating to protect oneself from the prickles of the raspberry bushes planted in front. However I plan to cheat…..we’ve decided we might hang huge mirrors on it salvaged from an old and broken wardrobe we have stored in the loft. Sensibly (which is rare thing for me) I’m thinking it might pay to wait until those are extracted and affixed and simply paint around them. Might also leave a bit of paint left for the front porch….you never know….

But that wall aside the masonry has now been thoroughly Down Piped …….and I love it. The green of the (few) plants we have pop against it and the colour tones beautifully with the bluish grey of our stone. And whilst at first it felt naughtily daring to be applying a colour so dark it now feels pretty ordinary and I wonder at myself what all the fuss was about.

I was, however, forbidden to paint any of the woodwork so the fences have been coated instead in Osmo Oak Exterior Oil which though not as much of a bold statement as I’d like does at least remove the ‘new build’ look of the nakedly pale wood and make them seem a little more rustic. The shed however posed a problem. Staining it to match the fence would require another order of oil. Alternatively going with the Cuprinol Murky Clay I had already cluttering up the now famous under stairs cupboard would keep me within the “No More Spend on The House” rule. And even if I could have persuaded S to go dark on the shed (I couldn’t. I tried) Farrow and Balling a shed, as a friend has already commented, is perhaps just a middle-class step too far.

That all said we do seem to have a bit of a motley medley going on what with the grey, the clay and the wood fences. However. Gardens are for plants, surely, and not for paint so I’m trusting that once an abundance of shrubs and creepers are finally in we should be there. A shopping trip where I intend to merrily flout our new rule is being (secretly) planned and I will admit the planting of the resulting purchases is a moment I’ve long been waiting for.
So soon….very soon….our garden will be finished…..



4 thoughts on “Garden Progress: Down Pipe versus Railings

  1. It looks good. Cos u put photos together mum probably thinks its from a magazine!
    It looks so good that it could be.

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