Mini Makeover: Refreshing Wooden Garden Furniture

One of the things every garden needs…especially one with a brand new BBQ (a blue purchase mind, not a pink one) ……is a table and chairs and whilst our extension and then Rest-Of-House Refurb had been going on ours had been unloved and unused, exposed to the elements and potentially earmarked for the skip.

The set came with the husband and, unlike him, has never looked its best the whole time I’ve been acquainted with it. I know not from where it was bought or how old it is but our courtship/marriage now dates at seven years so it is at least that + 2 if not more. So as we launched into the garden overhaul I was looking forward to bidding its adieu and purchasing something altogether more good looking.
The greying chairs

However my search threw up little that wouldn’t cost a handful of hundreds and sets like our very own were more than that still. So another tack was taken.

Out came our trio of sanders….the belt sander, the orbital and the ‘mouse’ and the top of the table was given a good going over to see if it might be salvageable. As elbow grease was applied the algaed silvery grey started to disappear replaced by the promising glow of wood.
Top left: table being given its ‘test’ sand. Top right: the chairs looking a bit, well, crunchy. Bottom left: the table and one chair seat after its ‘test’ and a dousing of water to give an indication of its true colour, Bottom left: the wood against the sample of the black Railings paint

So with table top showing promise I decided there would be mileage in going the whole hog and doing the lot. The belt sander was used on all flat surfaces like table top and seats but the mouse was the best at getting the legs and backs of the chairs with their ergonomic curves. It was a days dusty work but once done the results felt worth it.

Osmo Exterior Oil in Oak was then bought from here and the finishing touch was a rub down with wire wool to remove splinters and give the table and chairs a silky smooth finish.

So for about £35 – sanding sheets, a ball of wire wool and a 750ml tub of the oil – and about two days of time all in we now have a table and chairs that should last a few more years yet….



3 thoughts on “Mini Makeover: Refreshing Wooden Garden Furniture

  1. Looking really worth the effort it took you, they look as good as new!!! Well done darling another brownie point I’m sure!

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