The Gallery, Snug, Veg Patch and a Pirate Chest

In customary Pebbledash style, whilst Garden Makeover has been in operation a number of other projects have been on the boil and this week, with no further green progress to share (seemed crazy to plant just before a holiday for fear of returning to a garden of dead foliage) I thought I’d share a few updates.

Firstly, and very excitingly, the hanging of frames on the gallery wall has commenced. S has been instructed (ahem. Asked. Really nicely) to put these up in their raw charity shop state…..complete with yellowing mounting card and dubious contents. Understandably he doesn’t seem too fussed with the results thus far but once they are all up and I can see how it’s looking Ill have each one back down again to attack with the sander and/or paintbrush.
I plan to fill each frame with either photos, cards or posters but the exact contents of each are as yet undecided and the task has been made that much harder by news this week that no, information is not recoverable from our (un-backed up) external computer disc which went kaput in spectacular fashion a few weeks ago containing almost all of our photos. I keep telling myself we have lost worse so rather than spitting feathers we are instead painstakingly going through old cd’s, memory cards, phones, iPad and iPhoto seeing if any photos can be salvaged and triumphantly announcing the good news to each other whenever anything of value is found. That’ll teach us…
Back to this wall…..the drill has temporarily been put on ice whilst I dither a bit more contemplating whether now is my chance to paint the wall behind in leftover Pavilion Grey. The other option is to Down Pipe it though that requires a trip to F&B which I’m fairly sure has been banned. So musing continues….
Inspiration from Abigail Ahern and Swoon Worthy

Whilst the drill was powered up with a fervent S behind it, a wall of mirrors also went up in the snug in an attempt to bounce what little light there is around:
The fairytale posters were also put up…
…as was a ceiling pendant…
20140808-080329-29009797.jpg addition to the printers tray containing O’s cars (which are oft requested for play purposes now that he can actually see them but the beauty of it is they can easily be extracted and replaced once done)

The veg patch is also beginning to come into its own and whilst it doesn’t look as if we’ll ever be self sufficient it’s still been exciting to eat our home grown courgettes, french beans, a few chive-like spring onions and a handful or two of strawberries which went straight from plot to mouth (O’s). We are now waiting with bated breath for the feral tomatoes to ripen….I let them grow a bit wayward so its a tomato madhouse up there…..but meanwhile we are happily watching a lone squash swell. The brassicas however haven’t fared as well. Despite lots of caterpillar squashing (ug) they have decimated the caulis, savoy and broccoli so I’m taking the view that the brassica patch is really a butterfly breeding ground as opposed to looking to it to relinquish anything edible.

Last but not least has been the commencement of the epic pirate chest makeover. With that however I’m already bored…..the paint is obstinate and so far it’s taken a coating of paint stripper, the blowtorch and the sander to get even this far.
An attempt to persuade S to have a go was met with a firm “Nooooooo, that’s your (crazy) project.” But a holiday should rejuvenate the energy banks and I’ll be back to it with a sander and some vengeance shortly….


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