The Kitchen Cosy Corner: Before and After

“Like your chairs” a friend said as she passed though the kitchen into the garden last weekend for a test of the new BBQ. (Fairly unsuccessful…..everything burnt)
“Thanks” I said, not looking up from the hazardous job of new-potato-skewer-threading. “They were half price from B&Q….”
“Look where she’s pointing” said S, cutting me off in a cool voice.
I looked up.
She hadn’t yet reached the garden.
She was talking about my cosy corner chairs.
“Ha!” I screeched triumphantly (and rather childishly). I may have even followed it with a tuneful little song composed of the lyrics ‘ha’ and ‘haha’.
“Yes but it doesn’t count” S said drawing my song to an abrupt end. “She loves old granny stuff….”
And out they all went to the garden to sit on the half price B&Q chairs instead.

You may remember the stick I received recently for my choice of ‘care home chairs’ which wound their merry way to me from Germany via EBay. The plan, somewhere distant into the future, is to reupholster them so their selection was made purely on shape and whether the existing upholstery was liveable-with for the time being ….which I think it is ….but others in the house disagree. However the arrangement of three chairs has already made the corner more sociable and I’ve been itching to finish it off. First, with S being excitingly drill-happy of late, was the re-hanging, finally, of the coffee sack pictures (they went up once only to fall down minutes later and remained where they fell for more months than I care to remember). The sacks were a quid each from Monmouth Coffee, the frames about £15 each from Ikea but the two have really not enjoyed being acquainted and continue to fight. First the Perspex fronts fell out of the frames. Then the coffee sacks started peeling away from the backing upon which I’d gaffered them (I know….a lazy thing to do in the first place). But even with the acquisition of a staple gun the sacks still don’t seem to be holding very well so that problem isn’t quite yet solved. However. They are up for now.

Next I bought (before the shopping ban but possibly the reason for it….) a circular jute rug (half price again she says trying to excuse herself) from Laura Ashley and a small circular table from John Lewis. Then I brought in from the garden a crate which had been customised for us for our wedding and was looking like it might not last much longer exposed to the elements. I hosed it down, scrubbed it, gave it a light sand then stacked it full of cookery books and topped it with a pretty anniversary present (from the same lovely gifter as the crate incidentally) of flowers in vintage tins.

So here’s what it looked like before….


And this is it now.

Surely even S the Chair Hater must agree that’s an improvement?


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen Cosy Corner: Before and After

  1. I think it looks brilliant. You’ve transformed that area from somewhere you’d just pass by without noticing into a lovely place to sit and read/have a coffee/or a chat. I also really like the chairs. Maybe not my favourite colours but that’s easily rectified when you find you have the time. Well done you!

    • Thank you!!!! Yes those chairs def need a reupholster at some point. Maybe I should enrol in a course…….or alternatively get saving! X

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