Mini Makeover: Furniture Distressing

…the cheats way I should add as there are well documented methodologies for doing it properly and this is not one of them….see Kirstie Allsop and Annie Sloan if you want to do it the proper way but if, like me, you like a bit of (almost) instant gratification then read on…

You may remember an anecdote I once shared of a visit to a farm for a fun day out with O ….chosen not just for its variety of farmyard animals but more for its proximity to an eBay seller from whom I had purchased four vintage school stools for a tenner each. I’d originally wanted only two to serve as bedside tables for S and I …
but was easily persuaded to increase the quantity and now have one in the spare bedroom as a partner to the school desk/dressing table…

and one in the kitchen cosy corner acting as a place for a hot cup of coffee whilst perusing a recipe book. Recently however I began to think that the kitchen cosy corner might benefit from a shot of green to tie in the emerald of our kitchen tiles..
and so I figured I might give it a bit of a makeover. First I rummaged around in my box of tester pots to find as many leftover greens as I could. I then proceeded to mix them together to make enough paint for the job at zero cost.
Then, taking the stool in question I gave it a light sand (if I wasn’t trying to finish the job in thirty seconds I would have made this a bit more thorough) before giving it a first coat of the muddy green.
Once the first coat had dried I gave it a second and then left it overnight. I should also admit that the paint I used was emulsion and not eggshell but I have previously found it to work ok once topped with a layer of Osmo oil and since I was going to be distressing it anyway it hardly mattered, I rationalised, if it chipped easily.
The next day I gave it a good sand, concentrating on the areas where it might chip more naturally…
…before coating with clear Osmo oil. The final touch was a rub down with wire wool for a smooth finish

before layering back up with books and plants.

Job jobbed….(though I must get round to centering that rug!)


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