Feeling Blue

Alas there is nothing to share re. the promised breeze block wall makeover as, struck down by cold and headaches, I spent the entirety of last weekend horizontal. O was delighted.
“Me and Daddy are going out.” he said excitedly as, braving the swirl of brain ache as the contents of my skull were forced upright, I ventured tentatively downstairs to see my boys. “Mummy, you stay here.”

“Go back to bed, pet.” S said firmly as they busily layered on coats and shoes.

Willingly I did.

Together they embarked on adventures a-plenty. They went to the opticians, the garage, ‘Sainsbreeze’, a cafe, shoe shopping and twice to the park and each time upon their return O would make his way upstairs to report back excitedly on their exploits.
“I had a treat!” he exclaimed as he crawled in next to me, somewhat unwillingly, as I tried to squeeze a nap into their busy schedule. “Bar-bree (raspberry) and round on a stick! And I’ve got new shoes!” he paused for breath. “Mummy I’m not tired. I’ll go downstairs and watch a bittaTV (apparently its one word) with Daddy.”

Excluded from these boyish endeavours I remained cocooned in my quilt which was, S might think on reflection, a dangerous place for me to be. Firstly, between sleeps, I caught up on every single episode of The Great British Bake Off which turned me into an overnight obsessive. Wednesday lunch time I felt the need to warn S.
“Btw” I texted “its Bake Off tonight.”
“When did this happen?” pinged the despairing reply.

Secondly, and all the more worrying, I began to stare at the walls. Not a sign of mental illness I don’t believe (though some may argue the case) but rather I found myself re-pondering a problem I’ve been struggling with for a while now. The bedroom walls. They are, as I’ve said oftentimes, rather bleurgh and none more so than when you happen to be feeling that way too. So with iPad in easy reach a selection of tester pots were duly ordered.

The testers I had chosen were, unsurprisingly you might think, inspired by a recent Abigail Ahern blog post entitled 4 Colours That Could Change Your Life. Thinking there wasn’t really very much I want to change in my life other than the bedroom I thought it surely worth harnessing their magic powers and giving them a go.

Arriving home later in the week to a more mobile me, S discovered my freshly painted set of lining paper squares drying on the dining table.
“And these are for…..?”
“The bedroom” I replied quickly as I traded pages of Tiddler with spoonfuls of O’s dinner.
“Our bedroom.”
“Right….” he said hesitantly as he joined us at the table to join in with the food related negotiations.
“So which, ” he asked tentatively, “do you like?”
“Not that one I don’t think….or that one….” I hmmmmmed. It left one remaining….the deepest hue of the collection.
Nodding in quiet relief he began to read.
I took it as my cue to proceed……

Rivington Blue, a beautifully dark turquoise…imagine navy mixed with racing green….was probably my favourite of the four but stunning though it was it didn’t feel right once I’d pinned the sample behind our bed. Too green? Bowery Blue was too bright for my intended needs. That said I’ll admit I wrote it off before applying coat number 2 which would appear to be a huge error with AA Paint as the colour changes almost beyond recognition with the application of the second layer. Mott was a luxurious navy with just a hint of electric blue within its depths and Madison Grey, the only non-blue of my chosen four, was so delicious I patrolled the house determinedly looking for a downstairs wall I might paint with it. There were none that I could find….yet….though I realised with satisfaction that it wasn’t unlike the olivey grey green I have (and love) already in our lounge. So whilst all intriguingly beautiful none quite hit the spot.

This months Living Etc provided the epiphany and an advert showcasing the gleaming collection of copper hued accessories to be found at Tesco (I kid you not) Home sparked an idea. I’ll Stiffkey the walls, I decided, to set off the honeyed tones of our sanded boards, wooden bed and G Plan dressing table. Then, against resistance I know, I’ll ask S to switch our current clear glass lampshade to the spare room and replace it with the black dome currently hanging in the hallway which, after an intimate rendezvous with some spray paint would look, I think, rather beautiful with a copper coloured new coat. (And with the hallway now shade-less I could perhaps, finally, have my way and put one of our remaining four green factory lights in there…a request which has been refused multiple times as the first light was such a pig to put up so I’m told its most definitely not coming down. A declaration which could put paid to the above plan in its entirety…..but maybe by now he’s forgotten. Shhhhhhhh…..) I may then go for full bling and replicate….with metallics….. the furniture distressing makeover I conducted recently to a set of stools we have in the bedroom currently serving as bedside tables. I’ll ponder that one some more….. Finally a rug should pull the whole thing together, perhaps with a final touch being the relocation of a beautiful blue glass Dartington vase gifted by my green fingered friend to a prime spot on my dresser and filled with (possibly faux) flowers.

Quite when this might all happen is another thing….I can’t promise a before-and-after will be anytime soon. First a stack of six boxes need to be shifted from the bedroom where they are currently impinging entry and exit.
They can’t be shifted until shelves are built in the snug to house their literary contents.
Those can’t be built until the shed becomes a workshop….and…..that can’t be done until I stop asking S to do other things….like making over breeze block walls or moving lighting he has already put up once.
But the plan is there.
And that, as they say, is a start.




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