Monsters under the Bed

There’s not been a whole lot of sleep going on chez Pebbles this last few weeks what with a teething baby (A), a sore back (me) and night fears (O). And S, poor guy, has been getting no sleep simply by default…

The night fears we have put down to the recent major changes in O’s little life….the arrival of a sibling and more recently the new world that is School. And last week he came home to find even more had changed. The colour of his bedroom….

“What’s this?” S asked, picking up some colour cards from where I had deposited them on the island.

“Ah…I’m going to paint O’s bedroom wall.” I said breezily. “The blue of the canopy doesn’t really go with the blue of the wall.”

S sighed.

“I’m going to paint your bedroom” I announced excitedly to O a little later. “And you can choose from these” I proffered the cards depicting varying shades of yellow.

“Can I choose?” O asked in disbelief.

I nodded.

“Then I choose black.”

Ah. So this is what happens when you ask a mans opinion…they disagree with you, I thought to myself.  “Perhaps I’ll choose…” I mumbled and swiftly changed the subject.

In fact it was Nana who chose, running upstairs one hectic school morning to check which matched the yellow robot feet of the Ferm Living wallpaper. And actually it was Nana who orchestrated the whole transformation.

The Valspar paint (B&Q and Dulux would appear to have fallen out…) wasn’t the easiest to work with and whilst I slapped grey in the hallway (see my last post…) Mum struggled with sunshine yellow patchiness. I’d asked her to go with two yellow walls rather than the one and it was, rather surprisingly, the white rather than the blue wall which proved hardest to cover. So it was a room in disarray, the bed and a precarious mountain of toy boxes, dressing up box and laundry basket in the centre of the room, that O returned home to.

“I loooooove it” he exclaimed as he picked his way through the mess. “And mummy….I love my bed here!” He paused for breath. “Mummy?” he asked again as he clocked the toppling pile of his things, “have you been tidying up?”

The next day mum stretched the very last of the paint far enough to give both walls a third coat while I directed our handyman to move a few lights around, to include moving the hallway pendant into O’s room…a job S has steadfastly refused to do, it having been such a bugger to put up in the first place. I’ll confess that I had not warned S that I’d ‘got a man in’ but had been instead done it on the sneak….. storing up a list of jobs that needed to be done so that he could whizz his way through them thus saving me the energy of asking and S the energy of doing. That said it turned out that our handyman doesn’t really ‘whizz’ his way through anything. Dotted with tea-&-fag breaks, a 90 minute lunch spent driving to Bexleyheath to quote on another job and the inability to both talk and do I actually found that my list needed to be almost constantly revised. However overdue skirting and architrave in the spare room was affixed…a job left over from almost three years ago when the bathroom took a bite of the spare room. The standard lamp which broke in two as I walked out of the junk shop (two years ago) was fixed….if a bit on the wonk….. A variety of pendants, including a beautiful new copper one for the hallway which allows much more light to fill it, were gotten off the floor where they were being inconveniently stored and onto the ceiling. A few pictures went up and a handle on the downstairs loo door that insists on coming off in every visitor’s hand was repaired. And at the end of the day, with O’s room now straight and those little jobs jobbed, I was feeling rather pleased.  


 O seemed not to mind very much that his room wasn’t black and instead excitedly told anyone that would listen that it was ‘lellow’. S, in contrast, appeared not to have noticed that a man had been in his house. Until, that is, he noticed the pendant.

Sat feeding A in the next room I almost felt the rumble of S’s groan.

“Your mother! She does my head in!”

“What is it a daddy?” asked O.

“She’s moved that light so now I can hardly see to read to you.”

“No Daddy!” O cried out in my defence, “it wasn’t mummy! It was J!”

“Oh. I. Seeeeeee.”

The next day I thought I’d best address the issue and had J mount a reading light on the wall next to O’s bed. Then my mum and I proceeded to decorate the bed with additional robots…..wall decals from Spin Collective, positioning the largest one on the wall, head butting said light.

 And the verdict?  No reaction from S other than a rather ingenious idea to cover the canopy in star-like fairy lights. And a fear of monsters under the bed (thanks Monsters Inc) and ‘people who pull out teeth’ (from the rather graphic cover of one of his now-binned books) from O. So whether the addition of yellow, robots a pendant and a reading light have really added very much to our family happiness is debatable.

I like it though.

And I can confirm that to date no monsters have yet been found…..



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