Command Center

In my drive to get organised I’ve been doing a bit of web searching and, as often happens, fallen down the rabbit warren of Pinterest. My screen has been awash with pictures of gloriously organised and pristine ‘command centers’…and I spell that the American way on purpose as it does tend to be a trend across the water.

Anyone (indeed of any nationality) with a stationary/organising obsession as I have would love them. The recipe usually requires a blackboard of some kind and perhaps a pin board. Some throw in a magnetic board just so all avenues for affixing are covered. Then there might be a menu planner. A calendar. A to do list. Some filing trays. A basket or two…often for shoes/hats/bags beneath (as if you come in and take off your shoes whilst plugging into your command centre NASA-style). Quite often theres some kind of receptical for your pen/chalk and some filing trays for paperwork. And as a final touch there may then be a picture …or  even a motivational quote of some kind. command center.jpg

Left: See Vanessa Craft. Middle: Tip Junkie  Right: Jenna Burger 

When I look at these I do feel that kind of lusting that you get when the Lakeland catalogue drops on your doormat. You know that most of the contents are unnecessary and that life would go on perfectly well and without incident if you never set eyes on a fridge banana bag ever again. But something inside you says you want one. You need one.

And re command centers, I feel the same way.

Then I gave myself a talking to.

I’ve already ruled out a wall calendar for all the reasons I outlined in my recent post. Admittedly they look rather nice amalgamated within an organisational area as they do here…but my digitalised version, in this current Century (which doesn’t require me to make a ballpoint pen write horizontally which gravity has never allowed them to do very well) must surely be the way forward?

That said I did weaken slightly and have bought a pad of weekly wall planners to go on the fridge (once I’ve negotiated with O to get the magnets back) onto which I plan to transpose the upcoming week’s main activities. I don’t know yet if this will be helpful…I’ve been trying it using our blackboard door and some weeks it works well and (most) others I forget to do it entirely so it is either left blank or, worse, contains the activities from the week before.  But again I figured, much like I did when I contemplated having the wall calendar, that it would be nice to have a visual of the forthcoming week somewhere to hand.  At least that’s the theory. And the theory required a virtual stroll down NotOntheHighStreet. Which is always a bonus.

The meal planner I’m rather jealous of, so I reckoned, with the arrival of the fridge wall planner, I’d re-purpose our blackboard door. Now I plan out seven meals in advance and list the ingredients so that when either S or I do the online, or physical, shop we know what we are buying and don’t just radiate towards the Ocado suggestions of “have you forgotten?” black olives, hummus and dishwasher tablets. I don’t know why, but thats what we get….and as far as I can see there aren’t many meals you can make out of those three items which are particularly satisfying.


The baskets are another thing I love and I have to admit
am guilty of buying rather a lot of different types to dot around our house. Having one basket for shoes wouldn’t work practically for us however. Indeed having three isn’t working out particularly well either.


I have to say though I can’t walk past a box file without wanting one and I’m thinking I may have cause to buy a couple more of those to make the line of filing on our office shelf look a bit more pleasantly uniform.


And a filing tray is also a bit tempting…in fact at my last Ikea trip I bought one for the office which I figured would come in useful for plonking all the unopened mail we usually let pile up on the kitchen island until I can’t stand it anymore and/or can’t find something and open/file the lot only to find notification of a missed dental appointment or some kind of out of date penalty charge notice for parking of which the grace period has expired.


And whilst motivational quotes are not really our thing….S would absolutely draw the line if I started stencilling stuff on the walls…what I have done next to the office is hung a frame of all of the well-wishing notes our wedding guests left for us.

“Give your children roots, then give them wings” said one.

‘Marriage is a work in progress” said another. “never give up and appreciate the good times.”

And my favourite?

“Wishing you a long and happy future, full of shopping trips and Living Etc subscriptions.”

Definitely a motivation I plan to live by.

“PS.” he went on. “Your husband’s fit”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy fit husband and me looking rather less so – drawn by L aged 8. 



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