Blue, Green, Black and White

If you’ve been following these past few weeks you’ll know that I have issued myself with the challenge to make the blue sofa in the kitchen work, and as part of this, successfully (I like to think) transformed a junk shop chair with ordinary blue emulsion to form the keystone of the new scheme. Or rather. It’s chameleonic transformation from migraine inducing orange and black check to denim blue helps make the sofa the keystone. 

But whatever. What I’m wanting to tell you is that, as with many-a-project I embark on in my house, another was taking place simultaneously. S was, at this point (I’m writing retrospectively) away on a work trip so I was using his absence from the family home as an excuse to tackle a number of DIY projects I thought a) he might not approve of and b) would be messy and disruptive so therefore best to do when it wouldn’t inconvenience. Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Of course the other argument to be had was that, with him out of the country, no actual arguments could be had about why I was, yet again, changing things around. 

As I’ve said many times before, I often decorate deviously….

So the project in the offing whilst S was away was not only the styling of that blue and green kitchen nook but also a re-spruce of the snug inspired by the black and white rug (from La Redoute) I spoke of in a previous post. It had arrived and was patiently waiting, leaning casually up against the door jamb in all its 8 foot glory, for its moment in the spotlight around which I was convinced everything else in the room would dance. My vision was for a little arrangement of (yet) another fabric-painted chair (one of the most hated of the care-home set, it’s upholstery being an awful beige, long-pile shimmering polyester) the old fashioned standard lamp (that broke into two bits the minute I foolishly handed over my cash to a hand-rubbing shop owner) and an old £20 record unit, an impulsive buy which has never really served any kind of purpose, which I thought I could upcycle into a unit in which I could store magazines, photo albums, paper, sticker and colouring books. All three were bits of furniture relegated to the loft only because S hadn’t the energy to take them to where he thought they truly belonged: the tip. 

But I had in my head a picture. A vision. Of what I hoped it could be. I would wave my magic wand, or at least a paint brush, and transform it all into something that he could at least bear if not love. (I simply don’t believe ‘love’ and ‘interiors’ are two things that marry in S’s world). 

I’d do it by linking it all together with a monochrome palette (to tie in with the hall floor tiles) and splashes of green and yellow (to tie in with the kitchen, lounge and a possible re-paint of the hallway gallery wall. And yes. That’s the first S has heard of that idea though it was his declaring of the house being too grey which has inspired it. So more of that to come…..and yes….I know I’m insufferable. But ploughing on regardless……..)

I’d paint the furniture black. The chair white (but that was a disaster so I reverted to grey). And, at risk of sounding a tad poncey,  I’d create ‘energy’ with that monochrome patterned rug and life with (albeit dead) faux flowers. (You must remember this is a room with no natural light. It’s desperate measures here folks) And as a final but important touch I’d layer more (artificial) light in the room, tidy the office area and de-clutter the mantel. It. Would. Look. Gorgeous. It would. 


To create the layout I wanted I needed to re-home the pirate chest, a floor lamp, a red spotlight and a crate bought and personalised for us on our wedding day. The floor lamp and spotlight were scooted into the spare room where a colourful makeover is planned (shhhhhh). And the chest and crate were re-positioned as part of my new blue and green kitchen scheme. So yes, we are back there having gone, I grant you, a bit round the houses. 

The pirate chest I popped down the side of the sofa and it’s working a treat. With the chest now sitting snugly along the sofa’s entire depth it makes for a handy place to put a coffee cup. Or wine glass. Dependent on time of day (sometimes). 

On top of the chest I piled up some old magazines and plopped on top (that makes it sound light but it’s a hefty thing in truth) the teal-green Anglepoise -another much-loved wedding present. A finishing touch was a plant (to add necessary green) and our old antique phone which looks great but may not stay there as Baby A also thinks it looks great and so therefore rarely leaves it alone. It’s weight and his fragile little inflatable-looking toes are two things I really don’t want to see come together so in actual fact it’s placement may need a re-think. But safety aside….. it would be rather cool if it was actually connected and working. I’ve broached that one with the Technology Director….and have used the chair butted right up to the sofa as a temporary barricade from small people in the meantime. (I’m having to learn the hard way that children + interior design = compromise)   

 The crate, designed for the garden but salvaged a few years ago when I saw that it was taking some hard knocks, has since been cleaned up and Osmo’d.  It’s a little piece of ‘furniture’ I particularly love, with our wedding date printed (though now worn) onto it. It has served up until now as a side table but it’s inscription wasn’t seen so I’m enjoying the fact that it’s sitting now in pride of place on the right hand side of the sofa, filled to the brim with the mischievous Baby A’s toys. 

A further touch, to try and tie the blue and green palette together, were of course cushions. H&M served the purpose here and covers were bought at a few quid each. A few silly animal-face print versions were also impulsively added to the basket. 

And finally, a blue vase which now lives on the dining table and demands to be filled with flowers each week, takes the blue further into the kitchen. 

The results?

Blue and Green. Can, in my opinion, always. Be. Seen. 

And what of the junk-shop snug configuration? Well. That turned into this. 

But more about that in another post….



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