All about us

So who are we four, the subjects of this blog supposedly about unwanted pebbles (or rather gravel which is actually much worse) stuck to a house? I’d like to say we are a fairly normal family making ourselves a home.

I am the kind of woman who does an enthusiast’s interior design course for twelve evenings and then, fancying herself a bit too much and oblivious to the sensitivities of others, offers to put together a moodboard for her new boyfriend on the sixth date. It was politely refused. It was only when I married him (or perhaps a little bit before) that I finally got my Dulux Dusted Moss on his walls and the wood flooring which had been sat in his hallway for, friends tell me, 8 years on his floors.

My husband, S, is the kind of guy who lives with said packs of flooring in his hallway for 8 years in a maisonette flat he has lived in for 16. Addicted to technology and careful with his money he will research a coffee machine purchase for weeks yet decided to buy this house with me after a 15 minute viewing. We didn’t even remember if it had gas central heating.

O is the kind of boy who is, well kind. He’s funny, good natured and (we think) clever and has pretty much an answer for everything. His negotiation skills improve by the day along with his reading (he has only this year started school so lots of things are a-changing). He’s in that phase of being all about superheroes and totally unimpressed by girls yet gurning whenever he sees a pretty one. And he retains information like we can’t believe but not always accurately…he was told that to be an astronaut one must first be a pilot…and misheard….so now announces, at fairly regular intervals, that Tim Peake in the ‘Octoastonational Space Station’, was once a pirate.

Baby A is the extra-special little man who came along after several heart-breaking attempts and has completed our little family. O adores him, we adore him, and aside for him looking furious for the first three months and shouting for the next seven, is an utter delight to have around.

They are both, undoubtably, the most precious things in our world.

So what exactly is this blog about? Well, it began by documenting the refurbishment of our London terraced home but now that the work is done (do go back through the archives and have a read as it was quite an adventure…) is more about the the idiosyncrasies of a family like ours against a backdrop of my ever-constant interior tweaking. Its about trying to see the funny side of life. Its about recognising our quirks whilst loving each other to the ends of the earth.

It’s about our little family growing up. Together. In our pebbledashed Home.



4 thoughts on “All about us

  1. You know I had to look up pebbledash on wikipedia – so now I know. Does it really reduce the value of a home by 5%? Looking forward to catching up on your renovations. Mine has taken 4 years and counting – and we haven’t moved in yet. All the best on your renovations – here’s to good health and happiness to you and your lovely family.

    • 5%? I can believe it. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was more! Plan is to eventually have it removed though we are getting varied responses to that…some people say the brick beneath will be bad and others (namely those that perform the job!) say it was a fashion thing and not designed to hide bad brickwork… We shall see…

      Thanks again for your kind words and I look forward to reading up on your renovations too…

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning and now I’ve caught up look forward to your new posts! Your house is beautiful – you are doing a wonderful job.

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